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Sonic SPEAKTHRU' easy communicator

Sonic SPEAKTHRU' easy communicator

The SONIC SPEAKTHRU’ is independent of any mechanical sound amplification device, yet enables counter staff working behind protective glass screening, to speak with customers at a normal, conversational speech level.

This is uniquely achieved by means of a micro-thin inner membrane which allows sound transmission, but which stops draughts and germs – this helps to maintain a healthy working environment with minimal absenteeism through sickness.

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The SONIC SPEATKTHRU’ has been well proven in many hundreds of locations throughout the UK.  These include: petrol stations, car parks, stadiums, shops, stores, leisure centres etc.  It provides and ideal solution whenever there is a staff vulnerability problem combined with a need for ease of communication.

Custom made security opening window incorporating recessed cashflow tray


  • Available in 150mm or 250mm diameters
  • Suitable for interior or external, weatherproof applications
  • Good two way speech communication
  • Protects staff against draughts, dust and germs
  • Powder coated in a range of BS and RAL colours
  • Available for double-glazed units to special order


Perforated aluminium mesh front and back with inner membrane between.

250mm unit size

The SONIC SPEATKTHRU’ is available in two unit sizes of 150mm and 250mm diameter.  These can be secured to glass panels of between 6mm and 12mm thickness.  They are designed for both internal and external use.  Suitable for all weather conditions.

150mm unit size


  • Remove the small rear retaining ring (being careful not to drop the internal mesh & membrane).
  • Remove the rear large fixing ring.
  • From the public side pass the main front ring through the pre cut hole.
  • Re-secure the rear large fixing ring.
  • Place the internal mesh & membrane back into position and re-install small rear retaining ring.