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Special FRAME options and COUNTER screens - for Sonic Acoustic window

Frame Options

Frame Options

Frame Options


Fully glazed counter screens can be made to virtually any size and can include one or more Sonic window units.  The screens may be glazed in 6mm-12mm laminated glass; and incorporate a Sonic Weatherproof unit.  In larger screens we can also include opening louvre windows, or sliding panels.


A wide variety of frames can be supplied to allow many ways of fixing a Sonic window unit.  The drawings show just some of the special frames we can offer.  Alternative finishes are available to match windows.

  1. Extended side members to accept glazing on both sides and above.
  2. Extended side members to fit in fully glazed shop front.
  3. Frame with angle section on one side, TEE section on opposite side and above, to accept glazing.
  4. Extended top member to accept glazing.
  5. Extended sides with glazed panel above, to fit between structural uprights.
  6. Fully glazed screen with TEE section outer frame incorporating two Sonic window units.
  7. Fully glazed screen incorporating Sonic window unit with louvre window above.
  8. Glazed screen with normal opening shutter.
  9. Glazed screen with full width opening shutter - maximum width 750mm.

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