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Sonic TITAN Bullet-Resistant window

Titan Bullet-Resistant window

The Sonic TITAN top security window is designed to protect staff against attack by shotgun, handgun and high-velocity rifle.  It has been tested extensively and successfully by the United Kingdom police authorities.  Suitable for high-risk areas where large amounts of currency or valuables are handled.  The TITAN is also suitable for sheltered outdoor applications provided that there is protection from driving rain.

The optional TITAN cashbox transfer tray will accommodate full bank cash bags and is fully recessed into the counter top for unobtrusive appearance and maximum security.

It has been subjected to similar rigorous firearm testing as the TITAN security window.

TITAN line drawing


  • Resistant to firearm attack in accordance with BS5051 G2 and S/86
  • Good audible and visual communications
  • Protects staff against all forms of physical attack
  • Acts as a barrier against draughts, dust and germs
  • Powder coated in a range of BS and RAL colours
  • Optional armoured cashbox transfer tray

The window assembly consists of a solid extruded aluminium frame glazed with a 42mm MSR (minimal spall risk) laminated glass primary screen.  The unique hygiaphone type micro-thin inner membrane allows two-way speech communication whilst acting as a barrier to draughts, dust and germs thereby improving the working environment.  A framed piece of 7.5mm laminated glass forms the secondary splinter screen protecting the inner membrane which is removable for cleaning purposes.

Firing test to window

Firing test to window and frame to British Standards

42mm MSR laminated glass

42mm MSR laminated glass  primary screen offers bullet resistance to BS5051 classes G2 and S/86

Inner Membrane logo

Inner Membrane line drawing

How it protects - Sectional plan view


Sonic TITAN Cash Transfer Box

Sonic TITAN Cash Transfer Box

The optional TITAN cashbox is inset into the counter top and is constructed with an outer steel box and an inner polished stainless steel lining. The clear plastic sliding shutter is fitted with security bolts to lock in the ‘closed’ position.

Sonic TITAN Cash Transfer Box drawing