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Sonic WEATHERPROOF security communication window

Sonic WEATHERPROOF Security communication window

N.B. Photo shows Cashflow Money Tray, which is available as an optional extra.

The Sonic WEATHERPROOF is a security communication window designed for locations, which are exposed to inclement weather and where security as well as communication is a requirement.

Glazed with 11.5mm laminated glass, although not bullet resistant it does offer real protection against violent physical attack.  It provides a considerable degree of protection for cashiers’ desks and situations where the pay desk is vulnerable, particularly during night hours.  The unit is sealed and incorporates a weatherproof Sonic SPEAKTHRU. The back ring assembly of the Sonic SPEAKTHRU is easily removable for cleaning.

Can easily be fabricated to special sizes.  Will fit into a prepared opening in glass, wood or metal.  Approved by major oil companies for filling station use.


  • Available as part of large screen
  • Good two-way speech communication
  • Protects staff against physical attack
  • Acts as a barrier against draughts, dust and germs
  • Powder coated in a range of BS and RAL colours
  • Lockable bottom shutter manufactured from unbreakable polycarbonate
  • The Speakthru incorporates a unique hygiaphone type micro thin inner membrane, which allows good communication while helping to reduce background noise.  It also acts as a barrier against draughts, dust and germs, improving the working environment.