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TEE Section and Angle Section installation


Tee Section Frame line drawing

Tee Frame line drawing

For fitting within a glass screen

The TEE Section frame is for fitting into a 6-12mm thickness glass.  To fit, remove the glazing bars.  Fit the flexible channel provided to the edge of the glass.  Place main frame in position and fix using glazing bars.

Fix the foot of the hinge bracket through to the counter using 4mm counter sunk screws.

When planning allow a clearance of 3mm for each side of the Sonic unit in contact with the surrounding glass.




Angle Section Frame line drawing

Angle Frame line drawing

For flush fitting

For flush fitting within a timber lined opening in brickwork or into an opening in the joinery or aluminium members of a shop front.


Inner Membrane logo



Clean glass with damp cloth, soap and water.  Detach the Speakthru rear retaining ring first by removing the fixing screw. Wipe the inner membrane with damp cloth.  If the inner membrane is damaged return the Speakthru membrane ring only to us for recovering.  We operate a return of post service.

Any spare parts needed can be despatched the same day from our factory.