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Sonic COUNTER INTERCOM systems for fixing to existing counter screens

Counter Intercom

Sonic Counter Intercom System provides the most advanced means available of electronic voice communication through glass security screens.  The system allows full open duplex ‘hands free’ communication even in situations where there is significant level of background noise.

Whilst ideally the intercom is fitted with a Sonic window, we can add intercom communication to virtually any existing screen such as in railway stations, ticket offices, banks, building societies, cinemas and a host of other locations.


  • Staff unit
  • Staff gooseneck microphone
  • Bridge bar
  • Surface microphone
  • Flush microphone
  • Flush speaker
  • Surface speaker
  • Induction loop
  • Intercom amplifier


Whatever the location, the Sonic Counter Intercom System not only functions superbly but also looks smart and businesslike and is extremely durable.

Either a staff unit or fixed staff microphone and staff speaker can be used with all configurations.

Bridge bar public microphone and speakers
This system provides the ultimate in good communication through glass security screens.
Even in a noisy environment this configuration ensures that clear communication is always possible.
Surface mounted components
Surface mounted speaker and microphone modules relay the natural voice with perfect sound reproduction.  Specifically designed for easy installation, the units are equally suitable for new and existing counters.
Induction system
With one person in seven having some degree of hearing loss an induction loop transforms life for hearing aid users.  The induction system components fitted within Sonic windows can also be added to most screens so that conversations will be clear and understood.

View from public side

View from public side

Public bridge bar, microphone speaker combination unit

View from public side

Surface mounted public speaker and microphone

View from public side

Public flush mounted speaker and microphone

View from staff side

View from staff side

Staff microphone speaker combination unit

Induction loop fitted at this counter