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Sonic SPEAKEASY communication window with intercom

Sonic Speakeasy windows offer simultaneous two-way voice communication by means of the open duplex counter intercom.

The intercom system comprises public microphone, public loudspeaker, staff microphone, staff loudspeaker and induction loop (this provides a signal for hearing aid users). These components are all sighted in the best position for optimum performance and are connected to the intercom amplifier, which is sited on the staff side of the window.  An electrical supply 240 volts x 3 amps is required.


  • Clear unobstructed vision.
  • Electronically amplified voices give good communication even in areas where there are levels of background noise.
  • Induction loop transmits signal for hearing aid users.
  • Volume levels are set at the time of installation but may be adjusted by staff to suit individual needs.
  • Opening shutters can be fitted into the window for certain applications.


  • Aluminium extrusions or steel sections finished with polyester powder coating, which is available in a huge range of colours.
  • Frames may also be fabricated from polished stainless steel.


  • 6.4mm and 7.5mm laminated safety glass.
  • 11.3 and 11.5mm laminated security glass, protection against physical attack to BS 5544.
  • Bullet resistant glass for protection against firearm attack to BS 5051 and BS EN1063.  Glass thickness varies between 20mm up to 42mm according to level of protection required.
  • Fire resistant glass to BS476.

Larger window with intercom speakers fitted on counter

Larger window with intercom speakers fitted on counter

Intercom incorporated within window frame

Intercom incorporated within window frame

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Internal roller blinds made from fire resistant fabric can be supplied with Sonic Windows.

These can incorporate some printing if required, for example ‘Position Closed’.

Roller Blind

Sonic Window with roller blind drawn above a DDA compliant counter at Huntingdon Station

Typical Frame Sections

Typical Frame Sections